What's in a name? 

In The Health Gap, Sir Michael Marmot observes that healthcare would benefit from the ideology of Don Quixote and the pragmatism of Sancho Panza. We love this idea and have taken it all too far.

There's a Spanish story written in the 1600's about Don Quixote, who is an idealistic romantic seeking to bring justice and do good in the world. But sometimes he's misguided, because his perception gets a little skewed.
Importantly for his relative success, he has a companion (Sancho Panza) who is pragmatic, good humoured and able to channel Quixote's efforts in productive directions.

Sometimes, working within the health system can feel like getting nowhere fast (tilting at windmills). Having lofty ideals of helping society is important, but one needs to remember to be practical and have fun along the way.

So we took Ki (from the phonetics of Quixote) and anza (from Sancho Panza).

Kianza!  Pragmatic, good humoured idealism in health technology.