Gain an edge and engage your customers
with personalised communications

Improve your customers’ experience, prevent no shows and reduce costs by offering a range of communication options beyond call centres and SMS.

Care providers are taking new approaches to build marketing capability having found portals, apps and standalone devices have a low uptake (5-30%).

Kianza is shaping the future of communication with you, your customers and their families across Aged, Disability and Community Care.

Differentiate yourself with a reputation for exceptional communication, as you compete for the attention and spend of customers.

Empower your customers and their families to select their preferences


Your customers can nominate which members of their family and community of care are kept in the loop.
Ensure decision makers are informed and improve your customers’ overall wellbeing.

Events of Interest
Let your customers choose which types of events are shared and with whom.
Events include service notifications, appointment reminders, arrival times, medication changes, fact sheets, new services and programs.

Timing & Frequency
Customers decide how often they receive different types of information.
Real-time SMS notifications for arrival time updates – no problem.
Weekly email digests of new programs – done!

Communication Channels
Do you know how your customers like to receive
Maximise your reach using SMS, email, WhatsApp, iMessage, mobile apps, Facebook message, portals, phone calls and more.

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Our Solution

Kianza is helping care providers to interact with their customers in a way that takes their individual preferences into account regarding what, how and when information is received, and who receives different types of information.

Our communications platform integrates with your existing systems and captures any additional information to ensure the right message gets to the right person.

Co-designed with care providers and your customers using design thinking and agile principles. Leverage the intelligence of our business rules engine to do more with less.

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