At Kianza we believe we can do better.
Better than customers left in the dark.
Better than infrequent contact.
Better than one-size fits all.

Kianza is shaping the future of communication for home care customers and their families.

We are seeking to engage with a select group of innovative, forward-thinking home care providers to
co-design a fit-for-purpose solution with industry experts.

Improve the customers' experience

Communication with Home Care customers typically doesn’t take individual preferences into account regarding what, how and when information is received, or who receives different types of information.

Our new landscape requires Home Care Providers to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 
Driving customer engagement through improved communications is one way of ensuring loyalty.
Communication costs (SMS and call centres) can be reduced by refining business processes and adopting new technologies.

Preference-based communications for your customers and their families

We plan to use existing systems to communicate home care service information to your customers and their stakeholders.

Based on individual preferences, the solution will:

  • provide notifications on different events of interest

  • notify multiple customer stakeholders (e.g. clients, family members)

  • use a variety of communication channels (e.g. SMS, email, App, Facebook message, WhatsApp)

  • be able to send different types of event notifications at different frequencies.

We are planning a three-month co-design program, with the system available for use on completion.  We will use Design Thinking, User Experience and Agile development methodologies to rapidly and iteratively develop a functional solution that works across multiple environments.

To validate that the Home Care industry is ready to take on this challenge, we are looking for investment co-contributions and a collaborative engagement from each organisation.  This co-contribution will partially fund product development and secure a 200% credit towards the product subscription.

Collaborate and go further

This unique cross-industry initiative will give you a competitive advantage by:

  • Adopting an advanced communication system ahead of the crowd (at a 50% discount)

  • Engaging with your customers to ensure their needs and preferences are represented

  • Having your say in what the product does and how it works for your organisation

  • Generating unique insights about your customers through the co-design program

  • Ensuring your existing and planned systems are prioritised for integration

  • Fostering an innovative mindset with practical methods for wider adoption

  • Exploring and testing design ideas in a group of your peers

Why Kianza?

We have over 25 years of experience in developing health technology solutions, including integrating systems in complex environments.  We have a history of delivering quality solutions on-time, advising customers on their best approach and talking straight.  We have deliberately created our business to deliver beautiful solutions for and with the heath sector.


If you are excited to be involved, please contact us to find out more.
If you are interested, but unlikely to be an early adopter…
please feel free to register your interest and look out for the solution in the future.